I put ‘Gravy King’ in a batch of fresh deer sausage I was making.
It gave it a fantastic unique flavor that everyone loved!



Got all three of your products at the Houma sportsman show. Surprised Miss Alice and fixed some myself.

Mike Foster

Karen K

I have tried the gravy, gumbo and etouffe’ mixes and they are all outstanding. I couldn’t believe how wonderful they all were. I would recommend them all to everyone! They are very affordable! Thanks!

Shreveport, Louisiana


I add your gravy mix to ALL of my gravies and everyone is amazed at how good my gravies are!

satisfied Texas Customer

I thought your products would be too hot for my family but I was wrong. They loved it! Even the kids. At your suggestion, we keep the products in the fridge to keep them fresher longer.


Please send me a brochure or anything. I tried your gumbo and gravy mixes from the show in Lafayette and I think they are wonderful. My family loves the gumbo and gravy that I make, and I need some more! I will order from this site

Jennifer H.

Hello – I just want to tell you guys that you are wonderful. I’m a little cajun girl from Lake Charles that has moved to Austin, Texas. My mom got me some of the gumbo mix for Christmas last year; and now, not only am I hooked, I have gotten my Texan co-workers addicted too. We plan to make an order soon.

Tom & Dee Dee from Shreveport

We were “testimonializing” about your products at the neighborhood 4th of July cook out, when one of the neighbors piped in and took over with her own testimonial about you and your stuff. “I can’t stand ‘kit food’ and I don’t use mixes, but I use his all the time, especially the Seasoned Gravy and the Etouffe. It’s better than mine made from scratch.” She didn’t know about the Jambalaya yet, but she does now and is going to buy some next time you’re up here.

Colorado Chef

I own a restaurant in Colorado ( I grew up in Louisiana ) and used to make gumbo and jambalaya from scratch. My mom sent me some of your gumbo mix, and I started using it instead–it’s great! So great, in fact, that the local newspaper, in it’s review of our restaurant, made special mention of the gumbo, calling it “amazingly authentic”. Thanks for such a great product.

Attorney from Houston

Several weeks ago at the Houston Hunting & Fising Show, my wife and I purchased several packets of your seasonings. We cooked up a batch of shrimp and crawfish gumbo using your spices, and the results was absolutely fantastic! I don’t beleive that I”ve eaten seafood gumbo that was much better than what we prepared in our own kitchen, and we aren’t gourmet cooks by any means.


Lori B.

Hello Crawfishman,
Way to go!! Your products are great. I attended a craft show this weekend in Lafayette and visited your booth. I tried some of your samples and was really impressed. I bought a total of 8 boxes. The gravy, ettoufee and gumbo. They are all great and I know its not gumbo weather but I couldn’t wait to try the gumbo at home. I cut boneless skinless chicken breast and sausage and threw it in a pot with the mix and water and so far this has to have been the best gumbo I’ve had . My husband loved it and didn’t believe it came from a box. The spices are perfect. Just enough for adults but not too much for the kids. And quick – oh my god!!!! I look forward to seeing it in stores hopefully soon.

satisfied Texas Customer

I thought your products would be to hot for my family but I was wrong. They loved it! Even the kids. At your suggestion, we keep the products in the fridge to keep them fresher longer.”

Jimmie “JJ” Jeansonne

You have an AWESOME Gumbo mix. Just wanted to let you know we enjoyed it. Thanks for such a delicious product.
My Cajun husband, he’s a Jeansonne, didn’t think it would really be that good. Was he ever ready to admit that it was really good and the texture and taste was great. He liked it so much the first time that we have had it again using delicious IQF shrimp. Thanks again. Keep up the good products. I haven’t tried the other products yet. But I plan to.
Warm Regards,

Janice,Avoyelles Parish,Louisiana

Hello, I was in the Alexandria Mall a week ago when I stopped at your booth to sample the food. They were all very delicious… Have passed on this product to friends and family and they love me for this. Especially my husband, who does most of the cooking. I plan to get more and give for Christmas.

L. Dardeau

We bought the gravy mix at Bonnie & Clyde Trade Days, nothing else we’ve used over the 37 years of our marriage compares to it. I put it in the crockpot before work with roast, it’s ready when we get home, yummmmmm.

Denham Springs,La

JoAnn B

First tried your gumbo mix at the Canton Tx 1st Monday.It was excellent and purchased more when you were in Covington.
Today I purchased a case on the Internet and can’t wait for it to come in. Keep up the good work.


Laura Danforth

I received a gift box of your products for Christmas, and I have to say that the brown gravy mix is the absolute best that I have had. I was skeptical because in my experience powders just can’t compete with homemade, but you proved me wrong. I am putting it on everything! You have to use oil to make a roux at home-adding unnecessary fat to a meal-and this is a fat free, cholestorol free product. Love it. I haven’t seen it locally. Are your products available in chain stores like Brookshire’s, Walmart, etc?

Minden, LA

Robert May

Hello! I am from Virginia and over Christmas break I bought a couple boxes of all four of your best sellers in the Houston, TX mall. I left ALL of the boxes in Louisiana and just received them (via mail) at the beginning of February. Tonight I am eating the first box, Gumbo, and it is fantastic. I just wanted to congratulate you on your excellent product!


I made the Rotisserie Gumbo last night and it was great. For those of you who don’t know how to cook, this is undoubtedly the easiest thing to make. I have never seen a mix that dissolved in water without lumping as easy as yours. Just mix, heat and add the meat.