Dead Family Walking : The Bourque Family Story of Dead Man Walking by D.D Devinci


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210 pages, First Edition Autographed Copies.



“Twenty-Five years after the murders of their daughter, Loretta and boyfriend, David, Goldie Bourque phoned in 2002 to ask me to tell their story…the truth…that Dead Man Walking did not tell …nor wanted you or anyone to know! | investigated for three years…countless phone and personal interviews…drove many miles on road…graveyards visits…secret interviews…discovered many secret unknown facts and many lies in Dead Man Walking book…was told by Iberia Prosecuting Attorney that | know more about the Sonnier Murders than all of law enforcement combined…decided to use a penname from maternal grandfathers…deVinci…wrote story…published story…paid for books out of pocket. Readers should know this is a true story…nothing fabricated…the truth has set the Bourque family free!” Louisiana Crawfish-Man

210 pages, First Edition Autographed Copies